All right, that does it!

Okay. That’s it. No more of this MSFT stuff for me, bud. Yessireebob, I’m dropping by the old apartment on the way home from work today, and when I do, I’m grabbing my Debian GNU/Linux disks and going to war. Enough of this Win2K crap.


  1. Well, Amy’s trying to convince me not to dump it. But with Brad telling me of the cool KMail function to foil some spammers…I think I’m going to try a more comprehensive solution at the house.

    Hey, get caught up in that moment. You L.c people know you’re going to get newbie questions from me.

    Geez, it’s been five years since I’ve run Linux [Slackware] on a machine of mine…=)

  2. I still think that a bad network card is high on the suspect list (I’m assuming you’re still having the same problem as last night). Windows has its problems, but failing to recognize a new PCI card (once all possible entries for it have been removed from device manager) isn’t typically one of them. Personally, I’d buy a $20 Linksys network card before I switched OS’s (probably only to find that Linux can’t see the card either). *shrug*

  3. I guess what’s also odd is that, in a test case, I slapped my new sound card in there as well. It didn’t recognize it, either.

    When I go home, I’m going to see if I can find the old SMC 10/100 card I think I still have. It’s not in my desk drawer like I thought, but I don’t think I just deep sixed it. If that works, I won’t do the reinstall…yet.

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