Jay and Silent Bob: Homosexuals or Homophobes?

I always have liked conversation-stopping headlines…=)

This is weird to own up to, but I love watching Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob movies. They’re eye and brain candy–and heck, I laugh like a madman. Yes, it seems a bit odd for a rather strait-laced individual to consider such things uproariously funny, especially when you consider how some Christians approached Dogma‘s satirical tear-down of Catholic theology. [This nice Protestant boy got several, several laughs out of that movie.]

So I’m shocked to hear that GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, after viewing a screeing of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, “were overwhelmed by the potential negative impact for the film with what we would assume is a large share of its target audience: teen and young adult males.” Whatever. Kevin Smith has a great rambling essay on the subject over on newsaskew.com. I suggest you read it, especially if, like me, you find Jay and Silent Bob funny.
Why the heck would I find them funny? It’s a release. [My, the puns that could come out of that line…] Anyway, though, Kevin Smith uses stereotypes for great effect in his satire. His work is over the top, but in being over the top, it shows all of us just how over the top we can be. Plus hey, if you see Jay and Silent Bob do all these stupid things, you’ll be less inclined to do them yourselves–unless you’re like those idiots who try to remake Jackass episodes or WWF cage matches in your back yards. If you’re one of those types, well, maybe you need out of the gene pool.

This goes somewhat along with my whole thought process on illicit drugs–see someone do them just once, and guess what–you probably don’t want to do them yourself. I’ve seen people high on weed, smack, and crack, and guess what–it looks stupid, and I have no desire to get after that fleeting high. See, I can get high just off of life–how wonderful people are, how great God’s creation really is, how blessed my life is. I don’t need some chemical altering my mood–although ETOH does a nice job of doing so from time to time. [Jameson’s stunts emotional growth.] But really–what good does it do? Drugs make your life be about the drug–and guess what, folks? Drugs ain’t gonna love you back.

Feeling myself rambling, I will return to my regular work now. But I just couldn’t not vent on this for a skosh.