Bad Roommates Begone

Well, I’ve spent a goodly chunk of this weekend sick. I had a sinus infection lingering from this past week, and then I got a mild case of the stomach flu. Enough, unfortunately to make me feel like crap. Enough, unfortunately, to keep me from getting everything out of my apartment.

So now I have to take Monday off of work–which, with an old contract coming online and two good-sized proposals all hitting our group at once, I can’t really afford to miss–in order to get all my stuff out.

And that doesn’t mention the fact that Jared 1) didn’t quite get everything out of the apartment and 2) still owes me $80. I’d make comment on his character, but this is a family site. /me growls

So if you’re used to seeing me online during the day, you unfortunately won’t see that on Monday, unless I can get the last shred miraculously moved before say lunchtime. /me sighs At least the current roommates are way cool and would never leave me with this kind of mess…


  1. sounds like you had something similar to what rick had. he came here early to suprise me… then got sick. so he slept a lot… ate little (because he was sick :)). if you two were near each other i’d say you got the same thing… weird..

  2. Large caliber side arms have a way of convincing recalcitrent ex-roommates to remove offensive detritus of their occupation. Especially when discharged in their general direction.

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