The Bocephus Tales, Pt. 41

Well, Bocephus [my stubborn as heck P166MMX/32MB/2.1GB POS] may soon get an acceptable network card. In the midst of the last-minute hunting and gathering at the old apartment, I finally found my two old PCI cards. One is an SMC that I have a driver diskette for; the other I’m not sure of the brand. [Consider also that I had an old ISA card; I don’t plan on using it.] I heartily considered doing an install last night, but I decided to bed early. Then, of course, when Blaker rolled in about 11:00, I walked out and ended up talking to him until 1:00 or so. Ugh.

But Bocephus will be moving along soon, and Rufus [my AMD 850 MHz T-bird/256/30 with the bad motherboard] will soon have a new motherboard. I may just have to be a computer-building fool this weekend.