Modelo Especial, Blaker, and Bonding

Transcript of phone calls [as best I remember them]:

Blake: “Hello?”

Me: “Blaker! What’re you doin’?”

Blake: “Nothin’. Just sittin’ here.”

Me: “Want some beer?”

Blake: “Uhhh, I don’t have any cash.”

Me: “Fear not, I am buying. What do you like?”

Blake: “I like any beer.”

Me: “Okay. I gotta get some gas on the way home. I’ll snag something.”

I snagged Modelo Especial. If you like Corona, you should like Modelo. It’s good brew. I call it “the Mexican Killian’s”.

So we’re just sittin’ in Blaker’s room, doing absolutely nothing, when the phone rings.

Me: “Hello?”

Lauren: “Gee-off?”

Me: “Yeah. Like who do you expect, other than Blaker?”

Lauren: “Well, I didn’t know.”

Me: “No biggie. What’s up?”

Lauren: “Nothing. Is he there?”

Me: “Yeah, he’s about two feet away from me. Want to talk to him?”

Lauren: “Are you guys bonding?”

Me: [laughs] “Here’s Blaker.” [hands phone off, imitates Lauren] “Are you guys bonding?”

Yeah, I guess. But we got plenty o’ time for that. Todd comes into town Friday, albeit briefly. Can’t wait for the house to be complete. But I guess that means I gotta get the last of my junk out of the living room and filed away in my bedroom…