Off Day

At this point, really, I’m not supposed to be working at TBE. I am anyway, mainly because I need money. =) But I woke up in the middle of the night and realized, “I am soooo not ready for classes to start in a week.” With Thursday and Friday gobbled up by work, the weekend and early next week gobbled up by Frosh Mosh 2001, and classes starting Wednesday, I went, “Oh schnikies, I need a day off.”

I took it. I didn’t hear weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth from work this morning. Probably drowned it out with my snores from sleeping late. Guilty pleasure, that–I’ll pay for it soon enough.

Well, I gotta go down into the valley here soon, go see what’s up with my scholarships and all, reserve textbooks or heck, maybe even get ’em bought, and all that stuff. I still have one class to register for, but it won’t have a text with it, so that’s cool.

“21 Hours” is my mantra for the fall. “Twelve Hours” will be my mantra for the spring. =)


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