Consumerism Run Rampant

Okay, okay, but it’s all Todd’s fault.

We [being myself, Todder, and Blaker] were watching TV Sunday night as I was about to walk out the door. A Christmas commercial came on screen, and Blake just lost it about how stupid it was to start this early. I said, “Yeah, only four shopping months until Christmas. Woo.” Blake and Todd were like, “Awww yeah, four months, baby.”

Of course, I then remembered that my birthday’s even closer. Heh. So, to help you poor saps out that might be so foolish^Wnice as to want to by me something for that glorious day [which is October 1st, the first day of the Federal Fiscal Year], here are two links to help you out:

My Wish List

My ThinkGeek Wish List

Yes, there are some I’d-never-expect-my-parents-to-spend-that-much things on there. You can even be so creative as to infer what I might like and go from there from these lists. [Hint: Don’t buy me a Clancy novel, unless it’s a hardcover copy of Red Storm Rising; I have the rest in hardcover already.] You don’t even have to buy me anything. But I thought some of you might like some ideas. Yo, ideas be here.


  1. rocks. Just thought you would like to know. So… shall I post MY wish list (besides the drunken stupor I will more than likely be in)?

  2. Yeah, ThinkGeek kicks ass. That’s where I got that Apathy poster in the apartment and the nifty-cool monitor light that’s in my bedroom. They got cool geeky shtuff.

    Drunken stupor? I know nothing of a drunken stupor.

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