Post-It Mania

I have a nifty little folder I carry with me to class. It’s a leather-covered folder that holds a legal pad, business cards, papers, and … those alternating pop-up Post-It notes. Because of that, I am beginning to resemble Heather, Queen of the Post-It Note.

Currently to-do:


ISE 390 [Statistics]: Homework and Reading. [Actually, I’ve read through all the homework; it’s cake.]

HY 101 [World Civ I]: Reading and Selection of a Paper Topic. Hmmmmm, who to pick, who to pick…?

MAE 493 [Design]: Memorandum and Refinement of Concept Description Document for Dr. Frederick [The CDD reads like, well, a bunch of engineers wrote it. It makes no sense unless you know the program in an out. It’s time for a professional document writer to hack on it to make it a little more intelligible. That would be, uh, me.]


Complete and Distribute F2001 Election Application. [Dammit, glad I looked at this list…]

Discuss Assembly Bill 01-02.01 with Judicial Council. [Yes, have to tell them I acted independently. I get to hear grousing. Oh well, I deserve it.]

Discuss House Bylaws with Anthony.

Write Assembly Bylaws. [No one else is going to do it, and they really, really, really need ’em.]


Unpack the last bit of stuff in trash bags.

Laundry. [Yeah. Loads.]

Unpack book boxes. [Two bookshelves, no waiting.]

Get Cooper’s stuff back to him. [I’ve only had those tarps and moving blankets a month…]


Slap Together Design for [Partially done; just have to do some more layout and play with Greymatter some…]

Install the motherboard on Rufus. [Which I’ve only had for what, three weeks? -sigh-]

Reinstall Debian on Bocephus. [Win2K is running exponentially slower on Bocephus. This will happen quickly.]

Get up and running. [In case you’re curious, CT.n will be purely internal use; CT.c is the public site we want you to hit as often as you read IJSM. Well, maybe not.]

Whew. But I have a nice, light weekend in which to do it all. If I can get home tonight at a decent hour and get some things on this list cranked out, I’ll be happy. My weekend starts around 3:00 tomorrow, so that’s great. =)