Tuesday Musings

I almost called this Monday Musings. I keep thinking I have to go to class today. Weeeeeird!

The Seattle Mariners have already clinched a playoff berth for 2001. How weird is that? They’ve got 99 wins. That’s just … amazing. I haven’t felt a team to be this dominant since my beloved Reds went wire-to-wire in ’90. They were managed by … Lou Piniella, who now runs the M’s. Go Lou!

I’ve heard from Amy, so I guess everyone lived through Dragon*Con. They had a wild weekend…I slept for ’em. We had a cookout at the house Sunday night, and, well, it was a little crazy. Blake, Todd, and I shouldn’t have started a game of Crazy Eights at 6:15. Yeah, but it was fun.

Well, work awaits. I have some cut sheets in from some vendors to ponder over before doing some more vendor calling this morning…