Chinese To Go!

Wok Express is a good [not great] Chinese restaurant on Andrew Jackson Way here in Huntsville. [For those of you not from here, that’s just down the mountain from me.] They deliver, and Blake went by there last night for dinner. He grabbed a call-in menu while he was there.

I realized that I go from work [8a-11a] to class [11:30a] to class [12:40p] to class [1:50p], and if I don’t eat during the first class [which Dr. Bob lets us do; last week, he bought lunch for class, although I had to lend him $20 in cash to pay the bill], I don’t get to sniff food until 2:45. That’s bad, considering I eat breakfast before I come in to work.

So Chinese is on order through the fax machine. I hope they can find our classroom! =)

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