What Fun I Wreak

Well, I didn’t want to talk about it before now, but now that The Exponent is out, I will. My column this week is on the myth that Greeks have power in SGA. Clue: they don’t. They will if you’ll let ’em have it, though. I haven’t felt my ears burning today, but I’m really tempted to run over there and go see if I’ve caused an absolute shitstorm. Guess I’ll have to go over there around 4:00 and see if people start stabbing me in the back.

I’ll post the text of the column or a link to it [The Exponent‘s online edition is down; I applied to but didn’t get to be their Online Editor] ASAP. I think it’s worth a read for those of you who are UAH students or generally interested in Greek|non-Greek interactions at universities in general and student governments in particular.