I slept, for about an hour, maybe. Probably not that. No, not even that, because Todd called around 7:00, and Leonard called around 8:00. I was almost asleep when Todd called, and I was asleep when Leonard called. [That must have been a weird phone call from his end–I know I didn’t make sense. I remember the last maybe ten seconds of what my cell phone said was a 1:19 phone call.]

But I’m certainly not refreshed. I don’t have the intense desire to sleep that I did at, say, 3:30 this afternoon, but then again, it’s certainly not enough. I don’t know when the sleep will come, the sleep that will refresh and renew. The only fear–the only fear–I have now is that it won’t come for a long time. I think I know why you’re never supposed to go to bed angry.

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