Weekend Plans

Me: “What’s goin’ on?”

Todd: “Not much. You?”

Me: “Oh, about to head to campus for a meeting and some studying got this test this weekend.”

Todd: “Hey, ya know, you’re going to the farm this weekend. I’m pointing at you as I say this.”

Me: “You’re pointing at me? Or at TBE?”

Todd: “I’m by the Engineering Building, my truck is facing the pond, and I’m pointing at your sorry building. Don’t argue with me.”

Me: “Uhhh, okay.”

Todd: “You need to get out of Huntsville, and you need to spend time with your friends.”

Me: “No argument there.”

So, I guess I’m going to the farm. Because Todd’s computer is up here in Huntsville, no communication for me today assuming I go. I say assuming, because I better not be driving. I did get a decent [five hours’] amount of sleep last night, but I have to clean when I get out of this exam, then host a dinner gathering of the St. John’s Drinking Society at the house, then go up to church and stay up all night for, uh, “Leadership Training” at church. [I can’t say what that is, because one of the kids just might happen to be reading.]

So I’m going to be shot when it’s time to roll to Demopolis this weekend. But as long as I have my rifle, some ammo, and my targets, life will be good. Let’s go kill some snakes. They aren’t what I’d like to have a shot at right now, but it will feel better than just tagging paper.