Organizing, Re-ordering, Reflecting

I’m in a reflective mood this evening. I tend to be so after having a migraine, for whatever reason.
I’m going to really extend the metaphor of The Indiana Jones School of Management this weekend [hopefully; I have to finish some tweaks on the site design first–it’s teaching me what all Greymatter can and cannot do]. I’m going to have three programs here:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Slackerdom: This will become my daily rant/linkosity/whatever space. In terms some of you will understand, it would be a true “blog” [shortened from “Weblog”–I guess the division comes from someone saying, “Well, we blog!”].
  • Master of Arts in Stultifyingly Meandering Rhetoric: This will become my journal space. Entries which are of a more serious nature will go here. I get in introspective moods from time to time [“no, really!”–Amy, I can hear you screaming that from Harvest; don’t wake your neighbors…], and when I do, I like to write. Of course, there are just some things that deserve more than a few sentences. As Amy would say, “It has some chew to it.”
  • Doctor of Philosophy in [Classified]: This will become my private journal space. Why have that on the Web? Well, I’d like to share it with some of you–mainly close friends and family. I know that some of you read IJSM to figure out what the hell’s going on with me, and that’s cool. But there are things that go on in my life that I want you to know that I may not want everyone to know. I’ll password-protect this directory and give out accounts as I see fit. Simply mail me, and I’ll consider putting you in the queue.


Re-ordering. That’s something I need to do around here. I need to dig up a power cord and see if, indeed, I have Bocephus working. If so, I need to get everything going on him and then convert Rufus into a Debian box. [Rufus needs RAM badly, but he can wait. I’m not flush with cash at the moment, and I’m not going to spend money on him until I’ve got other things done around here.]

But I also need to get my bookcase moved, and then a few more books put into it, and some laundry done, and such. That’s what I’m spending tomorrow doing, even if Todd calls me boring for doing so.


Reflecting. I’ve been doing that today. I had an encounter with a female I was once [hell, still] interested in this afternoon. It got me to thinking: I had a choice between two lovely women, and I chose the one who really didn’t seem interested. I guess part of that is the male instinct to chase down prey, but for whatever reason, it was stupid of me.

Of course, the one who seemed interested may not have been. I’m absolutely horrible at reading women, and while I’m very glib in a lot of situations, put me into a palpitating situation with a desirable female, and I stumble and stammer worse than our President when his speechwriters don’t write to his speech patterns. [Those of you who know me in real life probably consider that hilarious, but it’s true.]

I wonder if her presumed interest is still there. I know mine is. She’s over the big reason I shied away from her at the time [even now I’m being cautious; I don’t know if she might be reading, and this seems a quite impersonal and roundabout way to ask for a date!], and that gives me renewed hope.

Hope–there’s an emotion few of us had a little more than a week ago. But hey … faith, hope, and love abide. The greatest of these is love.