I Art Afeared

My cell phone rings. It’s Leonard. “Hey, what are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing. What’s up?”

“Housing wants to know if you can do a favor for them.”


Turns out they want me to emcee a Housing-produced spoof of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and in discussing not having an emcee, my friend Kelli said, “Geof would make a good Drew Carey.”

“Leonard, I’m being compared to Drew Carey.”

“Well, you’re better looking than him.”

“Thanks. I mean, damn, that’s not hard to do, though. I guess I just have to show up to be better looking than Drew.”

Also included in this package is an auction. Yes, kids, I get to test my auctioneer skills. This shall be fun.

Pity I’ll miss tonight’s volleyball game…