The Next Day

You know, I’ve always tried to liken the next-morning aches that follow a workout to a hangover. The analogy works for a while–both causalities are enjoyable while you’re doing them, and they both make you feel good afterwards. However, the next morning, you’re usually in some pain.

I recognize this morning just how weak my triceps have gotten. My biceps are okay; in fact, everything else is just a little sore. But man, the triceps want that Advil to kick in any time now. =)

That said, I can’t wait for a little more punishment tomorrow. I’m not going to be stupid and fly into this, only to fall off the wagon after two weeks. [Besides, Todd will bitch at me incessantly if I do so, and rightly so.] A nice Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday routine will work pretty well for a start, and as I get into better shape, I can mix things up and add some new things in to the routine.

I look forward to it.