With Friends Like These …

… I can’t go wrong.


Obviously, I wasn’t in a great mood today. It’s not so much that Frenchy’s death has weighed upon me more than anyone else–surely, on the ziggurat of those who knew Jean-Marc, I was just barely off the first step–but more a concept of my own mortality, the frustrations I have with not progressing in a lot of areas as much as I’d like, and a melange of other things that I won’t go into here.

I got home, and Todd was on the porch, doors open, guitar in hand. I call this “Introspective Todd”, as he’s going for something I can’t quite pick up on when he’s out there. We talked for a bit, but only after he said, “We’re either going out for dinner or eating here. Pick. Call Leonard and Anthony when you decide. Samantha will be here later.”

I picked: we went to Logan’s, where I had a gift certificate for the insanity of last week’s Whose Line Is It Anyway?/Resident Advisor Auction. That and the $5 in my pocket got me a good steak, a beer, and a nice tip. On the way home, Todd and I entertained ourselves yet again by driving up Monte Sano from the Governor’s Drive side and then down Bankhead Parkway, honking the horn and hooting at the lovers in their cars. [If you’re not from here, Bankhead, with it’s lovely views, is the local lovers’ lane/scenic outlook.]

We got home and threw A Knight’s Tale in the DVD player. Eventually, Samantha came up, and she watched the movie with us. She made muffins … mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good. We enjoyed the movie, which Todd had been beseeching me to see for the last few days. Todd crashed early, having stayed home today to think, grade papers, and clean our apartment.

It was a nice evening with my friends, who would not let me not celebrate my birthday. Nice to know Samantha would finally make it up here, even if it took me turning older to do it.

Oh, speaking of being older; my mother’s mother has my age off by a year. She thinks I’m just 22. I’ll let her think that, although it’s not brinigng any of my hair back. =)

I am going to sleep now, content to bask in the glow of being cared for by my friends.