I’m Not Dead … I Just Feel That Way

Bloody hell, it’s been Tuesday since I posted. Odd for me to be off for this long. So a quick recap is in order, I guess, for no other reason than the current migraine I have won’t let me concentrate any more than that.

Well, it’s either a migraine or a bloody sinus headache. It roams around my skull, and I’m nauseous, so I think it’s the former, but I’m past caring.

Wednesdays are, in a word, evil. I go from work to class to class to class with about 15 minutes between each, most spent commuting between. I then have a couple hours off, and I have Statistics around dinnertime. Adding to that fun Wednesday was Mom’s surgery. Seems to have gone decently well: her left eye is tracking better and the double vision isn’t as pronounced.

[For those joining the program lately, Mom had a bitch of a stroke in August 2000. This is probably one of the last major medical things she’ll have done, mainly in an attempt to let my mother read semi-normally again. Her left eye hasn’t tracked properly for 14 months now, and it finally got to the point that it wasn’t improving naturally. The surgeons have apparently done a good job, although it apparently looks as if the was on the wrong end of a haymaker to the orbital bone.]

Then, of course, I go to teach my Wednesday night class at church. We talked about life being precious and such. Made for an interesting discussion, and for once, the kids stayed with me for most of the evening. [The group is almost exclusively juniors in high school, and they’re chatty at that. I was in no way this scatterbrained at that age.]

Yesterday was a funk day. I didn’t feel like doing anything, and I felt sick as a dog, so I called in to work and told ’em I didn’t have classes on Friday, so I’d be in to take care of stuff then. I’m here now, although I’m completely unable to concentrate on anything of any significance. Hence, an entry.

The sole highlight of yesterday was bowling. Turned out some of the boys from UAH’s hockey team–specifically, Mark Byrne, Steve Charlebois, Mike Funk, Ryan Leasa, and Gerald Overton–showed up at Pla-Mor after we did. It was kinda weird, and after I sucked ass in the second game–bloody hell, I couldn’t throw the ball worth a damn, as I was trying not to foul my shoulder again–I walked down to their lane and shot the breeze with ’em for a while. Just one more week until the insanity of UAH hockey begins.

Watched some NHL. Freakin’ Dead Wings beat San Jose. Freakin’ Flyers beat the Panthers. But hey, the B’s won, but they’re like 10-1-4 in their last 15 home openers. I keep waiting for it to fall apart from here …

Guess I better think about work. If I can get both eyes to track at once, I’ll be doing great.

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  1. Seeing that you spend 80% of your time online, could it be possible that the computer is making you sick?

    I spend a heck of a lot of time online and I get really bad headaches.

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