SGA Insanity

My obligations are almost done. My obligations are almost complete. After this week, it’s a bit of a lull until the spring.

As Chief Justice of Judicial Council, I work on an as-needed basis. Compared to what I’ve done the last four years in SGA–oh, complete and utter wrecking of the old system, replaced with one primarily of my devising, two years of representing my fellow UAH Engineers, a year as Chief of Staff, a year as SGA Intern [in the year of Monica, no less], and a year as SGA Vice-President–this is nothing.

But, of course, elections would come just at mid-term time, when project plans are due and all insanity envelopes me. But 150 have voted today, maybe 150-200 more will vote tomorrow, and after we run the Scantrons on Friday morning, it’s O-V-E-R.

We’ll be pushing to get our elections done electronically for the next time around–trust me, in three hours at the polls today, I am full of ideas for that–but that’s a not-too-tough project to be undertaken in a few months’ time. I certainly don’t want to think about it until November.

But I’ve been thinking today that I want to run for office again. I miss it, in a way, and I assure you, my first year of grad school will not be as bad as this last year of undergrad’s been. I have two choices: a Master of Arts in Public Affairs, or a Masters of Science in Engineering Management. Both fascinate me, and I’m pretty sure I can be fully admitted to grad school on my own [GRE, here I come!]–so no silly “let’s play the numbers game” for me. The EM people will probably want me after they’re done with me over the course of this year, and the University would kill for me to do Public Affairs. [I spoke with Dr. Franz yesterday at Burger King–he lunches there as well–and his eyes fairly lit up when I said I’d be back for more punishment.]

But for now, I just want to be done with it all, satisfied that we’ve made very positive steps towards a better voting system. This one’s pretty hard to defraud, if a bit inconvenient for the student. But the ballot is simple and clear–we live in Alabama, not Florida–and the instructions are pretty easy for the poll workers. All in all, a good system, even if it is only in one voting place. -sigh-

With the election pressure lessening and the project plan for IPT done, blessedly done, I can let up just a little bit. But we’re 12 days out from our baseline review for IPT … and getting that tackled shall be fun.

More on IPT in a bit. I think I’m going to de-stress … by going to an SGA meeting. =)