Sleepy Day

Around 11:00 a.m. or so–not really sure when, I heard Blake holler, “Geof, are you awake?” I only vaguely heard this, and my body left me completely unable to respond.

I’ve only been committed to vertical existence since, oh, fifteen or twenty minutes ago. I arose around 10:00 and was up for about thirty minutes–long enough to tame my stomach with a bit of nourishment–but I soon submitted again to the wiles of sleep.

This past week was stressful, and my body recognizes that fact. I’ll probably have a stressful week this week–I have two exams, and I also am now in charge of a design team in my third class–and my body also recognizes that. Despite having a fair amount planned for today, my body’s smarter than my soul–for once. So I’ve slept probably a good 14 of the last 17 hours.

And man, I feel good. My body’s asking for just a little more, but my soul takes one look through my eyes at my ever-lengthening hair and says, “Okay, boys, we gotta cut this stuff.” Sure, my hair’s thinning at what feels like an ever-faster rate. But I resisted the temptation to buzz it off last night–Mike Anderson’s brother, Pat, would have put me in line behind him–and I can’t probably resist it much longer.

So I’m about to head to a shower near me and then to a local barber. I have only had one haircut since I moved, back in August, and I don’t wish to drive out to Madison every single time I need a haircut. And, watching the Weather Channel, I might wish to move just a skosh faster. There’s a reason we’re under a tornado watch today. There are tornado warnings in many of my old East Mississippi haunts, and those storms are moving to the east.

An apology to those who might have tried to listen to our radio broadcast of UAH Hockey last night [and to Aaron, whom I confused when I posted about radio on his site, because I’d thought my post here had gone through–it hadn’t]: we screwed up. =) I also figured out in the course of my brief broadcasting career that I make a decent but overly-talkative hockey play-by-play guy, and I make a really, really crappy color commentator. I know good commentary when I hear it, but yeesh, I couldn’t reproduce it. Back to the student section for me–must remind the goalie whose house this is.

Ah, hell, this isn’t making a bit of sense to even me, so I’m stopping here. -g-