De-Lurk, Dammit

Okay, I have site logs. One of you reads this site from multiple times a day. I only know one person way out that way, and maybe it’s Heather, but maybe not. But whoever you are, would you de-lurk? -g- I just like to know who you are. =)

That goes for all of you regular-type readers. I know more people read than comment. It has to be that way. Of course, I know that many of my friends and roommates read IJSM, so they don’t need to de-lurk.

So hi, who are you? How are you?

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  1. Hey, figured I’d comment….since you asked. 🙂 I got to your page from a link on someone else’s page. I like the name of your site…and the motto. 🙂
    Have a great day!

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