Darlene, She Is My Friend

My dad will just have to deal with it; after much internal and external discussion–including a long discussion with Kat this morning on ICQ–I think I’m going to hold on to my 1995 Nissan pickup, Darlene, rather than buy a new vehicle. I can spend about $5,000 or so on the truck and get it really spiffed up, and the truck will run for about another 200,000 miles.

More money to put in the bank for the future, more money for computers. Yes, Kat, that makes me a true geek.


  1. I found your site off the Greymatter site, feel free to delete this post. Speaking financially, you’re making a good decision on keeping the old vehicle going instead of buying a new one. Better to own than to re-buy!

  2. Welcome to the insanity, Chuck. =)

    [I don’t delete posts, unless they’re gibberish.]

    Yeah, I think I’m making a good choice here. Darlene’s just now getting broken in. I rolled past the magic 111,111 mile mark today. =)

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