Broken Down Geof Cart

I think I’m either a broked down golf cart or have been hit by a perfectly good one. Either way, my symptoms lead me to think I might have influenza. At 5:15, I thought it was just a good old fashioned sinus headache, the kind of which I get once a week or so. But no, everything else hurts or does something else inappropriate.

God, I hope it’s not the flu. That would piss me the hell off. Hell, the thought of it already has. Worst is the sinus headache, medication for which I’d run out of last week. I couldn’t salve it with ibuprofen alone–I swear, I think a small colony of earthworms is in my sinuses–so I had to trudge down to the store. That trip was the longest two-mile truck drive in my life. I had to resist the urge to vomit out the window while my truck was moving.

Guh. I don’t know if any of this is making sense. If I wrote down what was in my head, the babble would scare you and me both. I think I’m going to crawl back in my hole and die now, thanks.