Book Done; Time To Build

Okay, so I finally got finished reading Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls. I’m going to dink with my computers tomorrow and get them both going the way I want: Rufus as a Win2K box [and, eventually, I want him to be a dual-boot box, with hopes of ridding myself of Microsoft eventually], and Bocephus as an OpenBSD firewall.

I’m going to take my time with Bocephus, buttressing his RAM and adding scads of NIC’s until I can make him a real firewall for the house. Then I gotta work on a happy-dandy little computer for a Web server on the inside of the network.

I think I could dig this networking thing. Alas, I don’t have scads of time for it. But as I’m feeling better now and think I might be tomorrow as well, I will probably spend my day cursing at a CRT. How fun!