DVD Goodness

A couple months ago, I bought myself a copy of The Natural on DVD. Now, being a baseball fan, you might think I’d seen it before. Unfortunately, today was my first viewing. I did some stuff in my room for a while, then ran out of steam. I decided to watch the story of Roy Hobbs this afternoon.

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long. This movie’s been out for 17 years. What have I been doing since I was six? =)

If you love baseball, and you’ve never seen Robert Redford play “the best that ever was”, get thee to a rentery and go find yourself a copy forthwith!


  1. Well, ya know, there’s lots of movies that I’ve never seen that would surprise a lot of folks.

    Heck, that could make a good entry here: name a movie, see if I’ve ever seen it or not. You’d be surprised.

    I just never watched movies much growing up. I’d simply rather be watching current events, sports, or be outside and playing some sport. -shrug-

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