Flu-Man, Day Three

Well, I actually feel pretty good upon awakening this morning. Things seem to be returning to normal, although my chest cold from Sunday is back again. Ehhhh, such is life. At this point, it’s certainly not anything I can’t live with, but I don’t feel like I need to be around people, giving out the flu like it’s Halloween candy or something.

I hope Todd doesn’t think I’m pissed with him, hiding back here in my own little quarantine area. But Blake has already been exposed and lived, and I don’t want Todd feeling this crappy. Of course, he’s a civil servant, so who cares is he misses work, eh? =)

I think I’m going to voyage into town for some food. I need to go grocery shopping at some point today, and I really need to clean out my truck. It’s to the point that there’s room for me and little else. Gotta fix that, dangit. Dumpster time! =)