Well, I’ve been busy at work today, and I got home late last night and had to drag myself from bed, so this is the first time I’ve even thought about posting here today. But hey, this is important enough to write about, so I will.

First off: that nasty storm that came through Huntsville last night? I was in it. On the Parkway. With 60 mph crosswinds. In a church van. No, that was not fun. Water was streaming over the roadway from the expansion joints in the overpasses. It was a perfect laminar boundary layer effect. I wish I’d had a camera so I could have taken photos to show Dr. Landrum. It was a geeky cool aerodynamics moment.

We took the youth group to one of those cornfield maze things last night. It stunk compared to the one we went to last year; I never even got halfway spooked, and the kids wouldn’t spook when I tried. -shrug- Oh well, it was a nice hour’s walk out in nature, which I needed after being stuck indoors all week being sick. The clues had to do with 4-H trivia; I’m scared to admit that I remember enough to have given decent answers to the questions, and I was never in 4-H. That’s what I get for growing up in East-Central Mississippi.

Before that, though, I just happened to be at church waiting for the kids when I walked by our assistant pastor’s office. Ron is, in a lot of ways, what I would aspire to be in the church if I felt like I could aspire to something and still follow God’s will: he’s pretty cool, he speaks well, the kids like him, he does crazy stuff, and he plays a mean guitar. But Ron’s Ron, and I’m me, so that won’t work, will it?

Anyway, I’d been wanting to talk to Ron for two weeks about the whole ministry thing. I’d even had an appointment with him … that he had to cancel on. We rescheduled, and then I had to cancel. It was as if we weren’t supposed to meet up, but last night, we did. He was in his office, working, but he has an open door policy. [From what he’s said, his sleep pattern’s about like mine, so he doesn’t care.]

We got to lay some good groundwork. At this point, I just need someone to talk about it with here locally. When Paul and I get together, the subject dominates our conversation, but Paul lives over in Corinth, MS, two hours west of here. I need someone to talk about it with regularly that’s on the other side of what I’ll have to go through, and for whatever reason, Ron has been easy for me to approach.

It couldn’t be because his wife is from the same church I grew up in, could it? It’s the odd, eerie things that keep me at Aldersgate, where I have to drive 18 minutes to arrive at the door. There are four United Methodist congregations within five minutes of where I live: one further up Monte Sano [Monte Sano UMC], two downtown [First and Holmes Street], and one north of where I live [Epworth]. Yet I continue to drive to South Jesus, as Mom calls it.

There is something there for me, something that I haven’t quite found yet. I’m past worrying about being in the wrong place. I mean, I came to Huntsville for a bloody engineering degree, knowing what I knew four-plus years ago. I can’t explain it, other than to say that God uses our choices for our own good and for His plan, if we will follow.

Yes, that seems contradictory with Jeremiah 29:11, but I think I’ve discussed that elsewhere here. I’m saving that discussion for IM, whenever it goes live.