Mmmmm … cooler!

Man, when I graduate from UAH, have a nice pretty job, and get ready to build myself a mean machine, I’m buying this case, or one like it, for that machine.


  1. Dinner? Well, the old line that you could fry an egg on top of an Athlon is kinda defeated by this case, although you could probably rig up an extension to the heat exchanger and have it keep your coffee warm. =)

    Laundry? No, but if you placed your case under your wet clothes, it would dry them pretty quickly …

    What they can do with technology these days is just awesome. Of course, I’d change the working fluid to something with better thermal properties, but hey, I’m an engineer. =P

  2. Actually they make this stuff called "Water Wet" for putting in car radiators. I read about my fellow import drivers putting a mix of this and water into their radiators so that they get better cooling, might work in this case as well….

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