Evening Musings

Well, I got me a nap in. -groan- I should have resisted. There’s caffeine in the house. But I am sleepy, and I should be soon to bed.

The new Third Day CD was pretty nice on the first listen. In the tradition of Time, Come Together is some musical play-around, rather than anything destined for radio airplay. I hope that this doesn’t end up hurting 3D, as I personally would miss them on my music landscape.

I sure am glad I’ll be able to rip this to MP3 at work tomorrow. I have a backlog of CD’s to rip while I’m working away in the morning … and afternoon. Unfortunately, I have a 3:00 meeting to go to, so I’ll go to class and then back to work. Ugh. I hate doing that, but they’re paying me good money to do so, so I’ll hush up and do it.

Off to bed for me. Hopefully it won’t be a seven-entry day tomorrow. =)