Search Engine Insanity

I haven’t chronicled this in a while, so I should …

“they also serve who stand and wait”: There are always a few who hit this every month. Yes, John Milton is actually a good poet. But then I liked “Paradise Lost”. YMMV.

“greymatter and frederick”: I use the former and have a friend who’s last name is the latter. What’s yer problem, eh?

“recursive loop”: I get in them, usually at hockey games.

“sympathy pain”: I get it, just not for you.

“bad roommates”: Not anymore. Justin, I still can’t believe you were dumb enough to loan J-rod money.

“borg panentheism”: Ol’ Marcus has some good ideas, though I think he takes it a bit too far.

“boston sports management”: sucks. NEXT!

“caedmon’s call mp3”: This is not Napster. I love the band, I have MP3’s of theirs, but they’re all ripped from my personal CD collection. Buy yer own.

“crowdsurf”: Do you see 300-lb. men crowdsurfing? Not often.

“fae fuel-air images”: Move to Afghanistan. I hear the viewing is lovely there this time of year.

“funny bowling photos”: We got ’em. You find ’em.