Baseball Writers are Stupid

Okay, this is Exhibit #4914 on “Geof’s Baseball Writers are Stupid” case: Roger Clemens won his sixth Cy Young Award. He won it with his W-L record only; sad thing is, there’s a pitcher in the same staff with a better ERA who just didn’t get the run support that deserved better [Mike Mussina].

Trust baseball writers to get stuck in the “golly gee whiz!” of a guy going 20-3 and realize that, in a lot of games, his offense kept him in the ballgame.

The best pitcher this year? Either Mussina or Freddy Garcia, in my book, although a case could be made for Mark Mulder. But Clemens? He wouldn’t have even made my ballot.

If it’s any indication: in a year when run scoring was down, Clemens has the second-highest ERA [3.51] ever for a Cy Young Award winner.

Dan Szymborski, if you’re reading, yes, I think I need some therapy…