He Knows!

Dr. Boucher, my Western Civ I professor, has a word of the day every day in class. Usually it’s something arcane he’s run across in our text or in the media that might be unfamiliar to us.

Today, his word was: “procrastinator”.

Predictably, I worked hard to keep in my desk while I was laughing.

I’m going to do the paper tomorrow, though, because waiting until Sunday is suboptimal. I’m singing a solo at 8:30, staffing the 9:45 contemporary service, and singing in the choir at 11:00. Then there’s Todder v. Ant-Dawg II over at the IcePlex Sunday night … have to keep my schedule clear for that, yo!

When I arise in the morning, I’m going to just get this damned thing out of my hair. Four to six pages, double-spaced? Please! My Exponent columns are almost that long.


  1. It’s hard for me to evaluate, since it’s a 100-level course and I’m a senior engineering student. I find it rather easy, but then I also enjoy my liberal arts classes.

    It’s simply a lecture course on the Western world prior to the Reformation.

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