Cloning: The Debate Rages Forth

Well, in an attempt to poke some fun about media biases and getting the opportunity to comment on the cloning of a human embryo, I’m linking to this story at It’s kinda obvious that, with all the attention focused on the dissenters, that this is biased against the concept.

That’s okay, I guess. I’m pretty ambivalent about it all, but the headline “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong” on FN.c’s home page got me to chuckling. “We Report, You Decide”? On the TV channel, maybe. On your site? Bah.

So, how do you feel about this whole mess?


  1. Medical technology has always been "playing God", though. When anesthetic was invented, preachers denounced it as going against God’s will… same with in-vitro fertilisations, cesarean sections, etc. And they’re right if you look at it all as being a power we’re not "supposed" to have.

    Technological advances are amoral, neither good nor evil – cloning can be used to accomplish great things, and evil things, just as with every other major medical or scientific achievement in the past. But to condemn the technology itself as evil seems to me that it’ll only guarantee the people whom would most benefit from the good it could do will never get a chance to, and the people who would do evil with it will find a way to do it anyway.

  2. What worries me most is we are going to get right back into the debate of what is considered a human life. The US has already had this debate when it came to abortion and I see it as being a very large aspect of the Senate’s decisions in this matter as well.

    I wonder how many people are going to turn around and change their minds on what is life in this matter.

    As for the ethics of the matter, I completely agree with Noah. All medicinal advances have been met with protest at first, but instead of banning the advances, I think we need to carefully think through regulating it so that more good can come of it than bad.

  3. Noah’s right, of course. Hence my comment about Pandora’s boxes.

    I’m of the opinion that God’s Plan for this world changes as we make choices, though; why should God be restricted to linearity of time? 🙂 So whatever choice we make, it’s okay.

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