A Review

Let’s go over how un-fun today has been. Oh, hell, I’m just going to hit the lowlight:

When our Canadian payload for ISS, Space-DRUMS™, shut down back last fall, we weren’t completely finished with the design of the gas and vacuum system components that go into the largest of DRUMS’s five modules. We stayed offline for a good year, and the design staff who had worked that particular design [mind you, it was 98% complete] has moved on–they were a subcontractor, and they now have other work to be doing.

Turns out no one ever told the customer about it, or, apparently, the new lead engineer. [Our old project engineer and my former boss left TBE in January of this year.] To the point that …

We were supposed to begin integrating those components today.

We have the hardware; we don’t have the bracketry to mount it or the tubing to fit it all together even bought, much less cut and bent and all the other fun things that get us to the point where we can install it.

Hell, we don’t have the documentation to the point that we can do this right, either.

And you can guess who gets to pull this particular ox out of this ditch. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be bleating about it instead of working, and you wouldn’t be reading it.

What a clusterfuck this program is.