Talk About Your Dumb Trades

Wow, how stupid are the Mets?

Yes, Roberto Alomar is a great baseball player. Yes, he’s a very good defensive second baseman [although perhaps not as good as he once was], and he had a legitimate case at AL MVP this year.

But is he worth what the Mets gave up for him? I’d say not. But I think Lawton is a pretty good all-around OF, and Escobar has the talent to be just as good, if not better.

The Mets are supposedly having problems with salary. Sure, I expect David Justice to be gone to Oakland or somewhere soon enough. But this trade doesn’t make enough sense for me … but it would look as if Edgardo Alfonzo will be headed back to 3B, since Robin Ventura is now a Yankee.

The better move would be to have Alomar over at third. He’s 34, and while his bat is going to stay in good shape, his body’s not as likely to do so. With the Mets insistent on giving the other side an automatic out by continuing to play the flashy-glove, can’t-hit Rey Ordonez, why not let him take some heat off of Alomar over there at the hot corner?

It would be perhaps the best move for Alomar’s career–his reaction skills will transfer well to third. But, like normal, the “baseball minds” will decide to move the young player and leave the veteran in “his position”–despite the eventual decline that age takes on a position player.

But hey. What the hell do I know, eh?