The Waiting is the Worst Thing

I tend to like Finals Week in school. The biggest reason is that it gives me a lot of free time to do things I don’t normally get to do during the semester. For whatever reason, I always do well on exams. I chalk this up primarily to the God-given ability to recall seemingly useless minutiae at the drop of a hat. While pressure seizes some people’s mental bearings, it lubricates mine.

The worst thing about finals this semester has been waiting until today. Finals have been in progress for a week; I haven’t had a traditional final yet. My two presentations were mostly done before last week even started, so I really haven’t had much in the way of anything to do, class-wise, since before Thanksgiving, when my history paper was due.

Because of that, I’m almost out of school mode. But this is a good thing. Someone called my leadership style “calm” in our design class. I wanted to laugh–I may look calm on the outside, but on the inside in such situations, my body is flying around at the speed of sound. I’m the same with exams; a good, healthy dose of “I’m not ready” amps my adrenaline level to new heights, giving me the energy to go through the test like a hot knife through butter.

The waiting is the worst thing. But at least all my exam-exams [rather than presentations] are just on one day. I’ve had to wait a week, but I can slap ’em all in the head later today.

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