Ho, Ho, Ho

Your favorite jolly fat man has returned, bringing good tidings of great joy all the way from the North … side of Jackson, TN.

Anywho, I’m primed for a little post-Christmas shopping today at lunchtime. Seems fitting. My Exponent check is going to a single-disc DVD player for my bedroom; my pathetic little three-disc APEX will stay out in the living room for now, until I can find a better one and slap that sucker on eBay.

I have just finished watching Sean’s dad’s video of the Greatest Marriage Proposal I’ve Ever Seen. I cried happy-tears, and I get ’em just thinking about it. Sean, that was a masterful job. Katharine, I’m surprised you didn’t kill him. Your level of patience bodes well for putting up with Sean for the rest of your life. 🙂

[Hey, Sean, if that was your sister, she’s kinda cute … but since her name is Amy, that could create serious naming issues around here, eh? 🙂 ]