The Rundown.

Stereo moved into bedroom? Check. [Minus the niggling fact that I don’t have my surround speakers moved. Bah.]

Stereo set up? Check.

DVD player bought? Check.

RF modulator bought? Check.

DVD connected to stereo? Check.

CD player connected to stereo? Check.

Brubeck in the CD player to sleep by? Check.

Massive “tower of A/V power” built in bedroom? Check.

Neighbor kids upstairs who run everywhere satisfactorily avenged?

Crap. I knew I was missing *something*.

If I wasn’t feeling the sleepiness from my melatonin capsule, I think I would have to crank loose with some Collective Soul at level 24. Oh, what’s that, Blake? You want to sleep? Aw, shoot.

Dude, this is almost too much stereo for this room. [Yes, Sean, it all fits.] But it makes for a nice go-to-sleep box, as my CD and A/V have sleep timers on them. I have them set to go off after this Brubeck disc is done … should suit my sleep tastes just fine, thanks.

Now it is time to replace the sheets on my bed, flip off the lights, grab one of the many books now in my queue [thanks to Mom, Dad, and Doug], and go to sleep. Or maybe just to sleep, considering the yawn I just loosed upon the world.