Pains and Gripes

Well, I’m now feeling the pain from moving earlier today. My back’s stiff [as Sean would guess, it’s probably being the sole upsider when we toted “Big Bertha”, his massive sleeper sofa, up the stairwell], and my shoulder bothers me right now.

The shoulder is the much more irritating pain; my back hurts because I’m a fat-ass right now. The shoulder isn’t anything I’ve done lately; I first injured it by sleeping wrong when I was at Space Academy here in Huntsville over eight years ago. The top bunks in the Habitat are like half-open coffins, and somehow, I got my shoulder FUBAR then. The problem is behind my shoulder blade, and is either a tendon or a ligament. Either way, it hurts like hell, but I just swallowed a handful of ibuprofen and should feel fine soon.

[Yeah, it takes like four for me to feel any relief. I have a very high tolerance to chemicals, which I inherited from Mom.]

The cold has dropped right into my nasal passages, and I’ve been sneezing a lot. Really irritating; this is the part of a cold that I well and truly hate. The good news is that this is usually the last stage, and by tomorrow, I should feel fine.

But wait! More complaints!

UAH played another crappy game. UAH was 5-on-3 for about ten minutes of ice time this weekend, and they never scored. They probably only got five good shots on net. That’s … pathetic. I really wish Coach Ross would change his lines; it would make for better combinations. But injuries are really hurting the Chargers; I think both Ian Fletcher and Mike Funk are going to redshirt this season. You don’t lose one of your top defensemen and one of your good wingers and expect to not miss a beat. UAH lost the conference lead tonight, and honestly, I don’t think they’ll get it back.

But there are two positive things from tonight:

1. Because the student body just isn’t showing up for games, for the next two series, I’ll be doing color for UAH games. They’re broadcast on the ‘net; if you’re curious to hear what I sound like, I’ll be happy to post a link to the UAH Radio Web site that’ll get you linked up to the broadcast. I might return to Section 25 for the final two home series against Findlay and Bemidji State, but … I just don’t know. It’s hard to admit, but for once, UAH’s rampant apathy has beaten me down. I tire of growing hoarse at games and being the only one stirring things up.

2. Because I’m dissatisfied with the current layout, and because I had a revelation of how to do it better, I’ll probably tweak the base IJSM design this week. The three-column thing on the front page is, well, not really doing it for me, although I like the sidebar | content for the Weblog and journal. I’m going to play with this and also work on my RSS feed, because Heather’s pointing Wondergeeks at the least-interesting RSS feed, and I haven’t worked out quite how to make it work without having two feeds on WG, which seems a bit egregious.

I’m going to stop babbling. I have to finish the slide show for tomorrow morning’s church service. I finally have all the info I need, and in 12 hours, I’ll be closing the laptop down and be done with it, so I guess I best get cracking on fleshing this out.