Cold is Breaking UP!

Well, it may not sound or look pretty right now to be around me, but my cold is breaking up. Of course, this involves large hunks of phlegm exiting my body, but that’s okay. This is how my colds [when they happen] always end: I sound like I’m about to die, and then six hours later, I feel like a million dollars.

If I had a million dollars, I’d buy your love. :p

[You know, Best Buy had BNL’s greatest hits CD on sale. Heather loves BNL. I should go take the Best Buy gift card she gave me for Christmas and go buy that.]

For the record, though, I came to my sanity and decided that it wasn’t worth going to work today. I’ll putter around the apartment and do the things that need doing here as I feel like doing them. Then I get to steel my allergic defenses and brave going to Casa Morrill, where Kat and Sean are going to hold a New Year’s Eve party. While I’m pretty tolerant [allergy-wise] of Edmund and Tenzing, Kudzu and Weaver are still “new” to me.