Bloody Insomnia

You guessed it! Being sick has screwed up my sleep schedule yet again! WOOHOO! 🙂

It has gotten me to try something interesting, though. Our cable provider, Knology, provides about 15 channels of 24-hour digital music. I’d never really used it much, but now that my pretty-good stereo is getting a feed from the TV, I have their Jazz channel playing through my stereo on a three-hour sleep setting, turned low enough that I won’t be bothered once I eventually get to sleep.

I finally fired up Agent today and tried to start catching up on Usenet. I last read Usenet in the wake of September 11th; predictably, the terror attacks were discussed incessantly on alt.books.tom-clancy. I eventually had to just shut it off, and since the other two groups I follow, the NG’s for the Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals, were their usual, eminently predictable selves, Agent had sat unused for quite some time.

Unfortunately for me, I can post to a.b.t-c but I am not receiving a feed at all. I sent out a post announcing that, no, I hadn’t fallen off the planet, and that rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated. I joked that my feed had been cut off for not posting; but this isn’t a laughing matter. a.b.t-c is a wonderful community of people, and while I no longer feel the need to be Post-A-Minute Morris, I would like to keep track of the goings-on there. Alas, though, it may not happen.