Happy New Year!

I zzzz’d out about 9:30, mainly because my cold’s rhinovirus was wanting to fight back one last time with a bit of a fever. I woke up at 10:58, which means I was awake right as the big crystal ball was lit in NYC and then dropped in Times Square. It seems like an odd tradition to me, to get a million or so people into a few city blocks, but hey, it’s New York, World Trade Center or no World Trade Center.

The best thing about New Year’s this year? My neighbors aren’t setting off fireworks and shooting off guns. It’s as quiet up here on our piece of Monte Sano as it is every other night of the year. That’s quite fitting: I find calendars more than a bit arbitrary. I mean, we made such a huge deal out of the millenial switch a couple years ago, and as best as Biblical scholars can tell, we should have had that celebration in 1994 or so.

Oh well. I’m rapidly starting to suck the life from this entry. May this calendar year provide a mental clean slate for all of you, and may you use that slate in the best and most fulfilling way.