Way Cool TV Marathon

Most cable networks decide to run show-oriented marathons on New Year’s Day, as the broadcast networks tend to run highly-rated college football games. As I’m on a boycott of the Bowl Championship Series, I decided to flip around and see what was on TV.

I found that Comedy Central is running a Whose Line Is It Anyway? marathon. It’s not the American version with the dreadfully unfunny Drew Carey; it’s the British version. Never fear, Colin and Ryan are featured.

This should provide much amusement as I try to shovel out my bedroom …


  1. I never did understand exactly why Drew Carey brought the show over to the USA except that he may have been jealous of all the fun Ryan had.

    I don’t like the British host any better, but at least he doesn’t get up at the end of the show to do the final improv.

  2. Drew Carey stinks, although Clive Anderson wasn’t a whole lot better. He was a righteously unfunny bastard, but I think that ABC should kick DC to the curb and bring someone like Chuck Woolery to the show: I mean, Chuck knows he’s an unfunny bastard, and he’ll leave well enough alone.

    Yeah, Lynda has it right, though: you see this type of thing a lot on Comedy Central. I think it’s because they have nothing else better to air … 🙂

  3. Well, considering Drew Carey is almost completely responsible for bringing the show to America, I *highly* doubt ABC is going to kick him to the curb.

    Even Drew considers it "his show" now.

  4. A guy can dream, can’t he? 🙂

    I actually hosted a Whose Line? thing here on campus. It was funny, because I really, really gave people some crap. I even went to play myself for one round, because … those people needed help. I considered myself somewhere between Drew and that dotty old English chap they have on there on the Channel Four version.

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