Let It Snow

Of course, it’s not snowing in Huntsville. We couldn’t get that lucky two years in a row. If it ever does start snowing while I’m at work, though, I’m going home right then. As Todd, Blake, and I joked last night, if it ever snows, we’re not leaving Club Todder, because we’d kill ourselves trying to get out of our apartment complex–if not from the cross-traffic on Toll Gate Road [the major road next to our complex], then from sliding all the way down the hill, across Toll Gate, and into some poor schmuck’s house across the road from us.

You don’t live on a 30% grade and do things like that.

Of course, if Todd can find his Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 some chains, well, then we might have to try it, if only to have a boatload of fun while we’re doing it … 🙂

But I love the reaction of Southerners when it snows: go to the grocery store and buy milk, bananas, toilet paper, canned goods, etc. I mean, why all that? Just go buy yourself a keg, leave it outside, and have a good time while you’re holed up! Come on, people!?


  1. It’s snowing in Atlanta! Woo! Courtesy of Alabama, of course, moving it over our way.

    I bet if I go to the grocery store today I won’t be able to find milk, bread or bottled water. 🙂 Especially since they were forecasting this last night.

    I’m from Maryland and I cannot remember a single snow storm that disrupted our daily lives. Heck, in the blizzard of ’93 (I think that was the year) I remember WALKING to school the day after it hit. I don’t think school was canceled at all.

    Of course, in Georgia they closed everything down for two weeks.

    I think I’m going to try to stop using your space to jot down my little antidotes. I’m sorry. 🙂

  2. You forgot to put the official sound effect in for when you go sliding down Ridgegate across Tollgate and into the poor schmuck’s house, Duuuuhsh!! And I don’t want my Silverado duuuhshing into some poor schmuck’s house, I don’t care about the house, but it would mess up my truck! 🙂

  3. We have this saying in Alabama; unfortunately, it digs in Mississippi, which is my former home, so it hurts a bit, but it fits:

    "Why do all the trees in Alabama lean to the west? Because Mississippi sucks, and Georgia blows."

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