Boring Ol’ Work

So there I was, trying to explain to Lynda just what it is I do here at TBE. She commented, “You don’t have to try to explain it to me. It would be like reading poetry to a watermelon, really.” I got a good laugh out of that.

I was talking to Becca this morning and brought up what it is I do for a living. She, like most people, was all like, “COOL!” I mean, no, it’s boring as hell. [The frequency of Weblog posts during workday hours should be proof of that, no?] I mean, I guess it sounds cool as hell to have a degree in aerospace engineering and work at a NASA contractor, but … damned if it ain’t boring.

The only cool parts of my day are when I get to go into our clean room and suit up like I’m something cool. I haven’t worn one of the full-body suits like you do when working on satellites, but a clean room gown and cap are oh-so-familiar to me. It’s nice working out there, though–cool and dry. 🙂

But other than that, I’m just another corporate drone. Heh.