No 4WD? No problem!

Well, it’s starting to ice up here on the mountain. We’ve got a little white stuff on the ground, and it’s been cold enough for the last two weeks that our roads will ice up here on Monte Sano if we get the right kind of precipitation. The right kind appears to be on its way. We have a 30% chance of sleet and snow today and a 70% chance tonight.

Blessed timing: folks stayed away from our place last night because of the weather, so the keg is only about 40% gone. Blake and I have resolved to put a dent into it as long as we’re iced in up here and it remains cold enough for the beer to still be good. Looking at The Weather Channel, we could keep this keg for about a week and be okay. 🙂

Certainly had some fun last nght, and I’m glad I could provide some entertainment for everyone. I think I have being a stupid college boy almost completely out of my system. Becca was like, “Dude, why are you of all people having a keg party?” Well, if I get my stupidity out of my system now, and remember why it’s fun but then not fun, I won’t have much temptation later in life. That, and it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

I think I’m going to go find some water and die now, thanks.


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