Bad Signs

When taking a class at UAH, especially an engineering one, the instructor usually asks on a questionnaire when you took the pre-requisites for that class. For my Analysis of Engineering Systems class, there are four prerequisites: Fluid Mechanics I, Dynamics, Numerical Methods, and Circuits I.

Unfortunately, the last time I took any of those classes was Summer 1999. Yeah. That means I’ve gone three years without taking any of these prerequisites.

With that knowledge, I’m kinda glad there’s some beer left on the porch. I need to console myself with the hell that this class is going to cause me. Dammit.


  1. I would like to just tell you that I have felt your pain before. Thankfully, the last time that happened, the majority of the class hadn’t taken the pre-reqs in a while, so it wasn’t such a big deal.

  2. The guy I was sitting next to had taken all of them in 2001. I was like, "Kids these days."

    That’s so funny to me. For so long at UAH, I’ve been the kid busting my ass through classes, taking 300-level classes in my second year, even a 400-level class in my fourth semester. Now, like Todd, I am officially an old fart.

    At least I don’t smell like Todd.

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