Random Thoughts

I have my goal for a “Who’s Who” page for IJSM: to have semi-candid, semi-posed photos of myself and everyone that I regularly link to/write about on such a page, using Amy’s cool little popup-and-then-disappear link script. That would rule, especially because it means I have to meet Aaron and Noah in person to make it happen. What about it, fellas? 🙂

This thought occurred to me as Sean, Kat, and I sat on the futon last night. That, rutabaga, and kumquat. [Sean Morrill, you are a bastard. I just thought you should know that.]

I’ve let down my journals on IJSM and IM.o lately. I’ve got an entry percolating for each, but I just haven’t let either bubble up to the surface. I’ll have to do that soon … I get the feeling that writing is going to be the only thing that gets me through this semester.

Classes start for me in 15 hours. I am overcome by sudden waves of nausea … ugh.

Last thought: having successfully wound down, I am going to let the jazz soothe this savage beast and get my sorry keister in bed. True, I slept a lot today, but that’s nothing, really. I need a few more hours to be functional all day tomorrow, which will be a busy one.

Here we go again! 🙂