Using Draft Picks

Okay, so being a sportswriter once will never get out of my system. When I see guys like Kurt Warner as NFL MVP, Jeff Garcia starring in San Francisco, Rich Gannon being very solid in Oakland, and Brett Favre being perhaps the greatest quarterback of the generation after the Class of ’83 [Elway, Marino, et al], I have to wonder:

“Why the hell would any NFL General Manager spend a first round pick on a quarterback?”

Consider: Rick Mirer, Akili Smith, Trent Dilfer, Drew Bledsoe, Tim Couch, Peyton Manning, Andre Ware, and Ryan Leaf. I’d only want two of them under center for my team: Dilfer and Manning. Bledsoe is a wannabe. Mirer, Smith, and Ware are busts. Couch and Leaf seem to be incapable of making the jump. But even Dilfer and Manning have their faults: Trent’s not spectacular, just solid; Manning’s very good, but hasn’t won anything.

Man, I think you go O-Line, D-Line, and CB in the high rounds, and leave the middle rounds for QB and RB draft picks. You’ve got all those QB’s mentioned above, and then guys like Rashaan Salaam [first-rounder] and Terrell Davis [sixth-rounder] to just make you go, “Hmmmmmmm … Geofro migth be on to something.”


  1. Heh. You know what pisses me off about that? That Mike Brown was dumb enough to think that someone was going to snap up Akili FREAKING Smith in the time between the Bengals’ pick and the Saints’ pick. He was still going to be on the board, and the Bengals could have drafted enough talent to have really made a playoff run this year.

    But no.

    Gah. Mike Brown is high on the list of people I’d like to beat with a ClueStick.

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