Cacophonous Morning

Well, I had my nice, quiet weekend. I got a migraine Friday night [or at least felt one coming on], so I just went to bed when I got home from work. I slept through until Saturday morning, which was good.

Saturday was a whole lotta nothin’. I went to go see the local NBDL team, the Huntsville Flight, play in the afternoon. I went because Darin needed another adult to go; I’m not much for basketball, and the basketball was … bad. I wasn’t much for minor league hockey in Huntsville, either–if I want to see staged fights, I’ll watch the WWF, thanks–but we gave that up for this tripe?

Sunday was its usual busy self. I tell people that my weekends never slow down, and they usually don’t believe me. Saturday was unusually slow for me–enough so that I don’t really remember much of it–but Sunday was about normal: go to church in the morning, do stuff around the house in the early afternoon, succumb to my traditional Sunday afternoon nap, then back to church to direct youth choir and then UMYF afterwards.
“Little Jeff”, the other male youth counselor we have at church with a homophonal name to mine, is tied up with a proposal at work, so I got to take charge of the Senior Highs when we split up the group. I think they enjoyed it; we were done pretty quickly, and it was obvious to me that they’d thought about what we’d talked about. When you can tell that they’ve thought it through and absorbed it, you don’t care how long you spent. For once, the Senior Highs were done before the others, so it was cool.

With only two adults there last night, I got to ride herd on the after-UMYF pool- and foosball-playing crowd in the game room while Darin talked to everyone else about the retreat we’re going on next weekend. After that, Darin and I talked for fifteen minutes on what all I’ll get to do next weekend. That includes being the Big Mean Guy and driving my truck to Camp Sumatanga and back, likely towing the church’s luggage trailer. That’s fine by me; I figure one youth is going to get the fun of riding with me, and since I so rarely get to spend time with our youth individually, I’ll look forward to that.

I have a couple journal entries that are close to just popping out. If you’re interested, I’d keep an eye on IM.o for the next couple of days.